Local Website Archive: Find and Save Website Data From Multiple Opened Browsers

Previously, we reviewed software that download website data along with files including SiteSucker for Mac OS X and  HTTrack for Windows. These software save web pages in a structured way that corresponds to offline archives in the form of subfolders of a main directory. Local Website Archive distinguishes itself by automatically extracting information from currently active pages as well as supporting a manual operation. Moreover, its Firefox add-on effectively acts as a bridge between your browser and the desktop application, saving useful information in a well-organized search-friendly manner. It has the ability to download web pages from currently opened, popular browsers like Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera and IE-based browsers, email clients and other online tools. For instance, if you open websites in different browsers for testing purpose, you can easily download all the websites opened in your browsers without having to manually use Ctrl+S hotkey combination for saving the web pages.

While installing, remember to select Local Website Archive Lite edition, which is the free version of the software. The application’s workspace is partitioned into 3 segments: search, archive and error reporting on the left sidebar, webpage record and preview pane is in the main window, giving you the option to switch between the actual page and plain text viewing modes.

Local Website Archive Main Local Website Archive: Find and Save Website Data From Multiple Opened BrowsersView in gallery

To create a new archive, just right click the Archive on the left sidebar and select the relevant option specifying the required name. The toolbar enables you to add, remove, sort, prioritize and search web pages. To add a new entry, click the Add button on the toolbar and follow the step by step process that minimizes the chances of errors through verification.

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After selecting the type (either URL, PDF or a browser type), select the sub folder and archive to maintain an organized record. You can also add notes to the entry for future reference. By selecting a browser, the program automatically saves the active page links from the browser. As you continue, the page will be shown to you for confirmation. If the page isn’t displayed correctly, check the specified link, as failure in this regard may lead to an erroneous output.

Local Website Archive PREVIEWView in gallery

Continuing with the preview window will take you to the progress window and save the webpage at the defined location. This activity will show all active elements in the website, and each link can be verified whenever needed.

Local Website Archive PROGRESSView in gallery

As a user-friendly tool, Local Website Archive again lets you check and verify the output of the program, so that the end result is perfect and up to your expectations.

Local Website Archive VerifyView in gallery

Using the application, web pages can be easily downloaded as well as verified in an organized manner. The software works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7  and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7, 64-bit edition.

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  • This is interesting. Nut if we have any updates in the saved site then? is it gonna update automatically?

    • Abdullah Saqib

      This application saves the current state of the webpage, therefore, you’ll have to manually save the updated page.