Outlook 2010: View Twitter, Maps, Attachments, & More

Outlook 2010 is great so far but lacks the social features. How about build-in Tweets, Maps, Attachment viewer, and more such useful features? RedCritter is an add-in that allows users to build and integrate such apps quickly.

The App Gallery contains 8 useful apps:

  • Contact Maps reads the address of the contact and marks it on the Microsoft Virtual Earth map.
  • Weather will show the weather by zip code.
  • Dual Clock will show your time and the recipient’s time.
  • Office Docs will display all Office documents send by the recipient.
  • Attachments will show all attachments of the recipient.
  • Tweets will show the twitter updates of the recipients(this is done by searching for the recipient’s name on twitter).
  • sfContacts shows the salesforce contacts(useful for hundreds of companies who rely on salesforce).
  • Emails will show all emails send by the selected recipient.

To begin, head over to the Add-Ins tab and Sign In to RedCritter.

RedCrittersignin Outlook 2010: View Twitter, Maps, Attachments, & MoreView in gallery

You will need to Sign Up for an account before you can login and install the applications.RedCritterlogin Outlook 2010: View Twitter, Maps, Attachments, & MoreView in gallery

RedCritter add-in works as a right sidebar. Below are some screenshots showing few of the apps in action.

Red Critter EmailsView in gallery

Outlook 2010 tweetsView in gallery

Outlook 2010 Redcritter AttachmentsView in gallery

Each application has it’s own set of options which can be accessed by clicking the Settings link on the top-right side of the widget. Please note that the RedCritter add-in will start with Outlook, you must sign-out via Add-ins tab to prevent it from starting up.

Download RedCritter Add-in

It was originally developed for Outlook 2007 but works fine on Outlook 2010 as well.