PassLook Is A Light, Portable Password Vault For Windows & Mac OS X

Password managers first started to grab my attention when I began using LastPass – a staggeringly useful utility that keeps all my credentials securely in one place. I don’t have to remember my passwords anymore, as LastPass perfectly handles this job. However, LastPass isn’t the only app that offers this amazing service; you can find a plethora of other similar tools that provide a virtual vault for storing your login information pertaining to emails, applications and other confidential stuff. Meet PassLook – a very simple and minimalistic Windows and Mac OS X app that allows you to maintain a secure, encrypted database of all your passwords. While PassLook comes nowhere near LastPass in terms of design and features, it can prove useful for those looking for a lightweight and more importantly, portable password manager.The barebones UI of PassLook doesn’t really have killer looks, but it does help keep the application dead simple to use. When you launch the tool, you’re presented with a miniscule window with a search box and buttons labelled Find, Add New, and Help. The search field makes it possible to find passwords that are stored in PassLook. All you have to do is input the related keyword and press Find to filter the database.

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Click Add New and PassLook will let you store new password information from scratch. You can enter pertaining details such as website or application name, username, password, description and website address (if any). The entered password is automatically copied to Windows clipboard, letting you instantly paste it into the required location, should you need to. After entering the relevant details, you can click Save to store the password information. I’m not quite sure where PassLook actually stores its database file, as it doesn’t actually lets you specify any custom location for it.

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You can click File > ‘Show All Passwords’ to take a peek at your existing password database. The ‘Export All Passwords’ option copies the entire password database to clipboard, allowing you to paste the data in a text editor. The application also allows to specify a master password to lock PassLook, so no one but can only access the passwords database. To specify the master password, simply click ‘Lock Program’ from the File menu. There are also hotkeys available for all these functions.

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Along with specifying a password, you can also input a custom security question and answer to help you reset the master password in case you forget it later.

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PassLook is a portable application that works on Windows and Mac OS X. Testing was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit.

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