This Windows 8 Modern App Lets You Create 2D Barcodes Using Presets

Barcodes are machine readable graphics that can contain any type of text-based information. It can be any form of data, including price of an item (barcodes are mostly used for identifying consumer products), URL of a website, download link of apps for smartphones, someone’s phone number, etc. In the beginning, barcodes only consisted of parallel vertical lines, but now we have them available in different forms, such as QR codes, mostly used as direct links to Android apps. To extract information out of a barcode, you need special equipment; scanners that you might have noticed while shopping for groceries. Smartphones of today also has the ability to scan barcodes for extracting information, such as URLs, links to apps, VCards, YouTube video links etc. Both 2D and 3D barcodes can be easily created using software designed specifically for the purpose. At AddictiveTips, we have covered a lot of QR code generators for Windows, like BarCode Generator, an application that is able to generate and export barcodes as images. Today, we have an app for Windows 8 called Barcode Generator that allows you to easily create 2D barcodes containing different types of data, such as an Email, Phone number, Twitter ID, YouTube video link, VCard, URL etc.

To download the app, open Windows Store and type “barcode generator” to search for the app. Once found, click it to access the page.

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This will take you to the main page of the app. Click the Install button at the left side to download and install the app to your system.

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The main interface of the application is laid out keeping simplicity in mind. It is divided into two parts: the left side displays the Last Generated items, while the right side contains presents for creating a new barcode. There are presets available for creating 2D barcodes for Email, Phone, Twitter (username), YouTube (video link), Facebook (username), SMS (phone number and message), URL, Flickr (username), Text and VCard (Name, Email, Cell Number, Country etc).

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Choosing a preset provides you with different fields to create the related barcode. The left side displays a preview of the QR code and the information that will be included in it.

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While presets for YouTube only provide you with the ability to share links, there are other more detailed formats also available. You can include a lot of personal information, like Name, Email, Cell, Country, Website, Address etc, in the VCard, and create a QR code out of it. Once you are done with entering all the information, click Save Image to generate its QR in image format.

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Barcode Generator works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

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