58 Top Tips & Tutorials Of The Year 2014

This past Monday we gave you a list of the best Windows apps reviewed in 2014. To start the weekend off, and maybe give you something you might want to try over the weekend, here are the best tips and tutorials covered in 2014. Ranging from simple little tricks for your smartphone, to far more complicated tutorials or running Windows on a Mac, this list features how-tos for the Android, iOS, Windows, and the OS X platform.

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1. How To Set Focus And Adjust Exposure In The iOS 8 Camera App

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2. Clear The Recent Files List In MS Office Apps

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3.  Backdate Posts As Far Back As 1970 On Your Facebook Page

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4. How To Manually Add Street Addresses To Chrome’s Auto-Fill Option

Edit address_ChromeView in gallery

5. Two Ways To Get Autocorrect In Google Chrome

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6. Insert Custom Number Of Rows In Excel With This Simple Macro

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7. Set The Default Launcher, SMS App, And Browser In Android Lollipop

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8. Bring Back The Old Tab Switcher In Chrome For Android

chrome_old_tab_sView in gallery chrome_tab_switchingView in gallery

9. Prevent Others From Editing Important Parts Of A Shared Word File

MS_word_controlView in gallery

10. Get Alerts When Your Laptop Battery Is Low Or Full [Windows]

windows low battery levelView in gallery

11. Add, Manage, & Switch User Accounts On Android Lollipop

switch accountsView in gallery add userView in gallery

12. Force Your Browser To Use Google.com And Ignore Your Location

use google_comView in gallery

13. Remove A Suggested Channel From YouTube

youtube not interestedView in gallery

14. How To View And Delete Cookies In Firefox Developer Edition

ff Dev del cookieView in gallery

15. Stop Animated GIFs From Auto-playing In Your Browser

IE stop gifView in gallery

16. Can’t Receive Messages After Switching From iPhone To Android? Now There’s An Official Fix From Apple

Deregister iMessageView in gallery

17. What To Do If Android Device Is Not Listed After ADB Devices Command

Device Manager ADBView in gallery

18. How To Snap Windows Using Keyboard Shortcuts In Windows 10

snap-windows-8View in gallery

19. Hiding The Mini Toolbar In Office 2013

word mini toolbarView in gallery

20. Resume A Failed Chrome Download From Where It Left Off

failed-downloadView in gallery

21. Send A Window To A Different Virtual Desktop In Windows 10

win10desktopView in gallery

22. 3 Ways To Download Subtitles From A YouTube Video

KeepSubsView in gallery

23. Photoshopped or Not? Three Ways To Tell If An Image Is Real Or Fake

curved-photoshopView in gallery

24. How To Add/Remove Third-Party Keyboards In iOS 8

Third-Party Keyboard - GeneralView in galleryThird-Party Keyboard - KeyboardView in galleryThird-Party Keyboard - KeyboardsView in gallery

25. How To Add And Remove Widgets In iOS 8

iOS 8 Widget - EvernoteView in galleryiOS 8 Widget - ConfigurationView in gallery

26. Mastering Video Recording & Editing With QuickTime

quicktime-bannerView in gallery

27. 4 Ways To Use The New ‘Save’ Option On Facebook

facebook movieView in gallery

28. How To Extract And Modify Icons On A Mac

Changing Icons - FeaturedView in gallery

29. Uninstall Or Disable iTunes On Mac OS X [Guide]


iTunes GoneView in gallery

30. Set Up A Shortcut To Enter Your Email Address [iOS]

iOS shortcutView in gallery short emailView in gallery

31. How To Launch Chrome In Incognito Mode From A Desktop Shortcut

Create Chrome ShortcutView in gallery

32. Stop Auto-play In Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, And IE

chrome click to playView in gallery

33. How To Remove Google+ From Your Google Account

How To Remove Google  From Your Google Account SettingsView in gallery

35. How To Add & Read RSS Feeds In The New Firefox For Android

home feedsView in gallery add feedView in gallery

36. Saving Instagram Photos To Your Mobile Device & Desktop

get linkView in gallery

37. 6 Handy Shortcut Keys To Improve Your Windows 8.1 Experience

Escape-KeyView in gallery

38. How To Add/Remove Programs And Files To System Startup In Windows 8.1

Task Manger OpenView in gallery

39. 3 Ways To Bypass The Options Menu And Access Chrome Pages Faster

Shortcut ManagerView in gallery

40. How To Delete Skype Conversation For A Single Contact In Windows

Delete Skype Conversation BackupView in gallery

41. Edit Focus And Intensity Of The Blur Effect In The Google Camera App

edit blurView in gallery blur focus sliderView in gallery

42. How To Record Skype Voice, Video, And Screenshare Calls In Windows

Record Skype Calls_Voice Calls_System TrayView in gallery

43. Hide/Unhide Spotlight Search From The Menubar In OS X

Disable Spotlight - GoneView in gallery

44. Manually Install Drivers And Fix ‘Driver Not Found’ Error On Windows

UpdateView in gallery

45. Legally View Public Information For A 3rd Degree Connection On LinkedIn

searchView in gallery


46. Remove Duplicates From “Open With” Option In Right-Click Context Menu [OS X]

Open With MenuView in gallery

47. Disable Your Facebook Email And Keep Out Spam

facebook emailView in gallery

48. What Can I Do About The Can’t Connect To Camera Error On My Android

camera-errorView in gallery

49. Import iTunes Playlists To Modern UI Music App In Windows 8

importView in gallery

50. Disabling App Nap For Select Apps In OS X Mavericks

App Nap - IntroView in gallery

51. Remotely End Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, And Twitter Web & App Sessions

gmail activity endView in gallery

52. Download PDF Files Directly By Disabling The PDF Viewer In Chrome & Firefox

chrome pdf pluginView in gallery

53. Password Recovery: When Did I Create My Google Account?

google account creation dateView in gallery

54. How To Take Screenshots In Recovery & AROMA On Android

Android Recovery Screenshot for Windows 01View in gallery

55. How To Install Windows On A Mac Using Boot Camp [Guide]

Install-Windows-on-Mac-using-Boot-CampView in gallery

56. How To Run Windows Applications On Mac OS X With Wine [Guide]

Wine-for-Mac-OS-X-(Run-Windows-Apps)View in gallery

57. How To Use Chrome’s ‘Supervised User’ Parental Control Feature

Supervised Feature_AccessView in gallery

58. How To Opt Out Of Gmail’s New Email Via Google+ Option

Opt-out Of Gmail's New Email Via Google  Option_Step1View in gallery

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