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5 Xposed Modules That Tweak Google Music, Notifications, Your Lock Screen, And More

The Xposed framework is awesome if only you look at the many modules that are developed based on it, and what they let you do. We found five really amazing modules last week that add simple to complex functionality to your Android device. Statusbar Icon Hider is a simple little module that helps you clean up the icon in your status bar. Google Play Music Listen Later is a powerful module that lets you choose the default tab that Google Music opens to, and what each tab should show by default when you switch to it. Knock Code is a new way to unlock your phone; instead of drawing patterns or tying in a numeric code, you knock on your screen in a pattern. PinNotif lets you pin notifications so that they aren’t dismissed and you can get back to them. And lastly, there is Ok Google that lets you add the Ok Google listening feature to third party launchers.


Statusbar Icon Hider

The module lets you hide the battery icon, the clock, the mobile signal cluster, and notification icons. It’s limited of course since the battery and clock icons are not something anyone would want to hide but worth trying out since it can hide notification icons that can overwhelm the status bar.

icon hider


Download Statusbar Icon Hider


Google Play Music Listen Later

If you would like to set a different default tab in the Google Music app, Google Play Music Listen Later is a module you might want to install. It not only lets you set the default tab that opens each time you launch Google Music but it also lets you select default tabs that should open within a tab. For example, you can set the My Library tab to open by default each time you launch Google Music, and the My Library tab can be set to always show the Songs tab.

google play music  default pane

Download Google Play Music Listen Later

Knock Code

A knock code is pretty much you knocking or tapping your screen in a pattern. Knock Code works if you have the pattern unlock option enabled on your device. The default pattern is set to a knock from the top left quadrant to the bottom left, working clock-wise. Tap the quadrants in the pattern you set to unlock, long press and hold to clear the pattern if you think you entered it wrong and want to start over.

knock code pattern  enter knock code

Download Knock Code


It’s small but quite useful; you can pin an important notification to the notification area so that it can’t be dismissed. This is great if your notification is an email that you need to remember to answer. Each time you access the notification area you will see the pending email. Tap and hold to pin and unpin.

pin unpin

Download PinNotif

Ok Google

We reviewed Ok Google last week and simple put, it’s a module that adds the Ok Google listening feature to third party launchers. Check out our review here.

Ok-Google-For-3rd-Party-Apps.png  Ok-Google-For-3rd-Party-Activities.png


Download Ok Google for Third Party Launchers


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