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90Night Manages Sleep Cycles, Sets Bed-Times & Wake-Up Calls

It sounds mindboggling when you find the number of devices your smartphone has replaced. For instance, no longer do we need an MP3 player for listening to music, a camera to snap photos,  or a notepad for jotting down important stuff, as our smartphone can easily do all that. Another old school gadget that’s no longer needed is the alarm clock. There’s really is no shortage of third-party alarm apps for Android; we all loved Timely,  AlarmPad Alarm Clock is also fairly awesome, with many other options that can stand to compete against these. But 90night (or 90Night: SleepyTime Calculator) is an alarm app that is slightly different; it gives you suggestions regarding the best time to wake up based on a 90 minute sleep cycle.

The core feature of the app is automation. Instead of setting an alarm manually, you can simply input the time when you want to sleep or wake up, and 90night will accordingly give you best suggestions with different timings to either get out of bed or go to sleep. The app is also very customizable, offers a great UI and very user-friendly. Let’s find out how it works.

When launched, 90night asks you to enter the time and select from ‘wake up’ or ‘go to bed’ parameter according to your liking. Afterwards, you’re presented with different time suggestions based on a 90 minute sleep cycle. For instance, a single 90 minute interval equals to 1.5 hours while adding additional 90 minutes will stretch it up to 3 hours and so on. All you have to do is tap on your desired choice and the app will automatically set an alarm for it.

90Night 90Night_Time

You can set as many alarms as you want in a similar way. The app won’t let you set up minute details like a particular number of days to trigger the alarm or alarm tone.

But that’s not say 90night isn’t customizable. From its settings screen, you can specify the amount of time it usually takes you to fall asleep letting 90Night take that into account when giving you time suggestions To do that, you can mark ‘Include fall asleep time’ and input the custom value in the proceeding menu. Other than that, you can also toggle the alarm confirmation prompt, as well as specify hour format.

90Night Settings 90Night_Settings

90night also has a Plus version that offers additional perks and no-ads. You can download both free and paid variant via the links below.

Install 90night from Play Store (Free)

Install 90night Plus from Play Store (Paid)

[via: Lifehacker]

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