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Access Android Notifications From Locksreen With Notification Mod For Xposed Framework

Texts we receive, emails by the boss, replies to our tweets, likes on our Facebook posts – these are just a few of the countless notifications we constantly deal with on our smartphones. If the device’s screen is locked, Android doesn’t let you pull down the notification shade to view your notifications, for security reasons, requiring you to unlock the device in order to view or dismiss them. If you don’t really care about your notifications being accessible from the lock screen and want to skip the hassle of having to unlock your screen each time you get a notification that you needn’t exactly respond to, there’s now an easy solution for that in form of Notification Mod for the excellent Xposed framework. The only caveat is that your device needs to be rooted in order to use any Xposed framework mod. Read on for details.

Installing Notification Mod requires the Xposed framework, which allows owners of rooted devices to bring new features to their devices that are deployed in runtime as opposed to being installed to the system itself. This translates to the ability of getting features on your stock ROM that are otherwise found only in custom ROMs. For more information and installation instructions, read our detailed post on the Xposed framework and its module installation process.

Once you have the framework installed, look for Notification Mod in the Downloads section of the Xposed Installer, and install it to your device. Next, enable it as instructed in our Xposed framework post, and reboot your device.

Xposed Notification Mod for Android - Notifications Xposed Notification Mod for Android - Notifications Quick Settings Xposed Notification Mod for Android - Settings

From Notification Mod settings, you can tweak several options according to your preferences. These include enabling or disabling notifications on the lockscreen without having to enable or disable the module itself, choosing whether you want to see Ntifications only, Qick Sttings only or both when pulling down the notification shade from the lock screen, disable the Settings button in case you have chosen the notifications-only option, set the battery icon to bring up APM (advanced power manager), toggle AOSP-style behavior where pulling down from the right side of the status bar brings up the Quick Settings pane, while pulling down from elsewhere shows the regular notification shade, and also choose a custom location between left and right for bringing up the Quick Settings pane.

Notification Mod is great to have if you can’t be bothered to unlock your device to view notifications each time you receive them. You can install it for free from the Xposed Installer. For more information and to keep up with its development, head over to its forum thread at XDA-Developer linked below.

[via XDA-Developers]

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