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AcDisplay Brings Moto X’s Active Display To Any Android 4.4+ Device

Despite not boating the same specs as the other flagships of its generation like the HTC One and Galaxy S4, the Moto X is quite a remarkable device, and perhaps Motorola’s most critically acclaimed smartphone to date. Besides offering customization options for the phone itself, Moto X comes with some nifty software features too, that set it apart from the rest. One such feature is Active Display that lets you view the time and your latest notifications even when the screen is off, without having to go to the phone’s lock screen. The feature draws little battery power, thanks to the device’s AMOLED screen. If you want the utility of the same feature without actually having to get a Motorola device, XDA Recognized Developer AChep has the solution for you in AcDisplay, as long as you’re running KitKat. Read on for details.

Before you can start using the app, you have to grant it access to your notifications for obvious reasons, as well as set it as a device administrator to enable it to lock the screen. The app provides you quick access to both these settings in its top section when first launched, so go ahead and tap both options one by one and grant it the appropriate permissions.

AcDisplay for Android 01 AcDisplay for Android 02 AcDisplay for Android 03

Once done, simply turn on the toggle at the top, and you’re good to go. Any notifications that you receive from now onward while your phone’s screen is turned off will show up automatically in a minimal grayscale interface. In case of multiple notifications, you’ll even be able to switch between them using the tiny icons.

AcDisplay for Android 04 AcDisplay for Android 05 AcDisplay for Android 06

To actually view or activate a notification, tap on the circle below the clock, and drag it upwards. You can also dismiss it and unlock your screen by dragging  the circle downwards to the unlock icon that shows up. Note that this will not let you bypass any lockscreen security that you’ve set. If not manually opened or dismissed, the notification will disappear automatically after a set time, as indicated around the circle.

AcDisplay for Android 07 AcDisplay for Android 08

The app even lets you configure certain options, such as enabling the feature only when your device is charging, whether to show low-priority notifications (like those from Google Now), choosing the sleep time, and hiding or showing the date.

AcDisplay for Android 09 AcDisplay for Android 10

While it can be used on phones with LCD screens as well, AcDisplay can be truly amazing on devices with AMOLED screens by keeping the rest of the display off and only using power for the information that’s being shown. The app is under active development and the developer plans on adding more features such as a Pocket mode. You can follow AcDisplay’s development at its XDA thread.

Install AcDisplay from Play Store

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