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Ace Your Driving Test With Mock DMV Tests For Your State [Andriod]

Learning to drive is a small milestone in anyone’s life and passing a driving test is something of an obstacle. Besides the practical part there is the very important written test that you have to pass. The test determines whether or not you know the rules of the road and you have to get more than half the questions right in order to pass. Failing to pass this test means you aren’t getting your license and it can be daunting to prepare for the test simply because of this. DMV Genie is a free Android app that aims to help you prepare for the written test administered at DMVs in the United States. It’s equipped to take into account the varying rules in different states and the kind of license you are applying for.

Open DMV Genie and select which state you will be giving the test in. Next select what type of vehicle license you are applying for since rules differ by vehicle type.

DMV Genie DMV Genie-vehicle

You can now take practice tests. There are three levels of difficulty that you can choose from and each level has five tests. Each test has forty questions (some might have more) and you can’t get more than twelve questions wrong. Once you’ve finished these tests, you can go to the Exam tab and take a test that is similar to the one you will get at the DMV.

DMV Genie-test DMV Genie-question

DMV Genie lacks preparation material for the exam. It’s up to you to study for it but the app itself helps prepare you for the kinds of questions you might get and it also helps ease some exam anxiety.

Download DMV Genie From The Google Play Store

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