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Add Lost & Found Information To Your Phone’s Lock Screen [Android]

Losing your phone isn’t fun. We take a lot of precautions when it comes to making sure our device isn’t stolen. We set up passwords and enable back-doors that will help us trace where our phone is, and if comes down to it we engage the all ending kill-switch. That’s all meant to deal with situations where the person in possession of our phone isn’t going to try and return it to us any time soon. But what if you’ve forgotten your phone some place and a kind human being has found it. Locked out by your very strict security measures, it’s going to be hard for anyone to trace who a phone belongs to. iOS users, or rather people who find a lost iOS device can simply ask Siri who a phone belongs to to find the owner but Android doesn’t have something similar. Hi Locker is a free Android app that is essentially a really beautiful launcher with one feature that sets it apart; it lets you add a custom status to your lock screen.

Once you’ve set the app up, go to its settings and tap Edit Message. Disable Auto Message to get rid of the default message that the app adds to your lock screen and then enable ‘Use your message’. Tap the ‘tap to change message’ option and enter either a phone number or an email. When locked, your phone screen will show the text you entered.

hi_locker_message_edit hi_locker_lock_screen

The app has some really great wall papers to boot so where you’re adding a nice way to get your phone back should you forget it, you’re also getting a really nice lock screen. The app additionally lets you open Hangouts (or your default messages app) and Chrome (or your default browser) from the lock screen.

Hi Locker is a free app that does tons of other things that Android Lollipop has now restricted. To set up the app you will have to give it access to notifications and disable the default security lock in favor of the app’s own security features. It will guide you through the two steps.

Install Hi Locker From The Google Play Store

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