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Adjust Notifications Volume Based On Sleep And Wake State [Android]

When you are walking down the street withyour Android device residing in your purse or pocket, the notification volume should be loud enough to be heard over the other noise in your surroundings. But when you’re, let’s say, attending an important meeting, the loudness of the notification sound must not break the silence or interrupt the seriousness of the situation. There are apps like Tasker that let you automatically change volume according to different scenarios, but if you want a simpler solution that’s also free, you can try Awake / Sleep Volume Adjuster. This free application by XDA Forum Member Sanryd automatically adjusts the volume based  on your phone’s sleep and awake states. Let’s find out how.

Awake / Sleep Volume Adjuster toggles sound level of notifications alert automatically based on a predefined settings by you. With this app, you won’t have to worry anymore about forgetting to silence your device during an important meeting or cranking the volume up again when you’re outside. It sports a really simple interface and doesn’t carry any confusing options at all.

Getting started with the app is easy. First, download and install it from the XDA-Developers forum thread (link provided at the end of this post). Open the app and you will see a barebone user interface which carries two volume adjusters; one for the phone’s Awake state and the other for Sleep. These sliders can be used to fine tune the volume you see fit between 1 and 7 where 1 indicates low volume level while 7 means max.

Awake Sleep Volume Adjuster Awake Sleep Volume Adjuster_On

Both volume levels can be set up easily by moving the sliders left or right. Next up, you need to enable the checkmark besides ‘Enable Volume Adjuster’ to activate the app (likewise, unselecting it deactivates Volume Adjuster). Now whenever your phone will be awake, that is, during web browsing, texting or video streaming etc., the ‘Awake Volume’ profile will be used, and when the phone’s screen is off, the app will use the  ‘Sleep Volume’ profile to alert you.

All in all, a really simple application that enable you to easily modify notification volume with ease. It’s hosted free at XDA-Developers forum. It should work on all devices having Android 4.0 or above. Testing was carried out on Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

via: XDA-Developers Forum

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