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ASC Is A Better Alternative To Using Android SDK’s DDMS For Screenshots

Long gone are the days when taking screenshots on Android required you to use a root-only app on your device, or DDMS on your computer, as the OS started shipping with a built-in screenshot feature since ICS. However, there are still situations where it’s more convenient to just take screenshots of your device directly on your computer, for instance when you are writing a blog post on an app involving many screenshots, or snapping shots of an app that you’re developing. Many of us still use DDMS or Android Device Monitor for the purpose, both of which come as a part of the Android SDK. While they work fine, there is still room for improvement. To care to that, XDA Recognized Developer Diamondback has come up with Advanced Screenshot Creator – a portable tool that makes the process of taking screenshots of your Android phone or tablet from your computer a breeze. Let’s see it in action after the jump.

One of the best things about Advanced Screenshot Creator is that it doesn’t require you to have the full SDK installed to run; it comes with all the required files already packaged, and all that’s left for you to do is extract its downloaded archive, launch the tool from the extracted files, and start taking screenshots. It automatically detects any devices connected to the computer with USB debugging enabled, and you can switch between connected devices under the Devices section in the bottom part of the left pane.

Advanced Screenshot Creator for Android 01

Before you start taking screenshots, it’ll be a good idea to specify a folder of your choice where they will be saved, using the button at the top-right. Next, just click Take new screenshot’, and the current screen of your device will be captured instantly, and saved to your specified location. And in case you couldn’t capture the precise moment, you can always select a screenshot from the list and hit ‘Replace selected screenshot’ to capture a new one and automatically replace the selected one in one go. Lastly, you can also delete any of the captured screenshots directly from the app by selecting it and clicking the ‘Delete selected screenshot’ button.

While the tool is running, it also keeps a log window open that can be useful for debugging purposes.

Advanced Screenshot Creator for Android 02

In short, Advanced Screenshot Creator is simple, minimal, and works like a charm for capturing and managing screenshots of your Android device from your computer. You can download it from XDA-Developers via the following link.

Download Advanced Screenshot Creator

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