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Atooma: Create, Import & Share Rules For Automating Tasks On Android

The concept of rule-based task automation on Android is making advancements by leaps and bounds. Through the previously-reviewed On{X} app, Microsoft introduced the Android world to an innovative way to automatically trigger tasks/actions on your device as per user-defined rules (referred to as a recipes). Although filled with limitless possibilities, the tool’s working have been criticized by users, since it doesn’t allow you to generate new rules from your device. Enter Atooma, a neatly designed, Holo-themed task automation tool that utilizes IFTTT (If This Then That) on Android in a very effective manner. Currently in beta, the app presents its users with a simple-to-use interface that lets them create and import rules in a variety of ways. Using various tools on offer, you can select the ‘if’ condition for a rule (called Atooma), and then decide the appropriate ‘do’ action to perform, should the condition be fulfilled. As with most task automation tools, Atooma brings into play your device’s various sensors, apps, social networks, cloud storages, local media, system features, power toggles and whatnot to automate everyday tasks.

Atooma-Android-Help1 Atooma-Android-Help2

There is no limit to the number of Atoomas that can be created, imported or enabled. Needless to say, the app has been designed to run in the background, constantly monitoring if and when an activated rule’s condition is fulfilled, so that assiged action can be carried out. In order to get started, you’ll need to authorize the app to access your Google account. Once that is done, you’re greeted by a brief tutorial followed by the app’s home screen, which is split into three tabs: My Atooma, Wall and Me. Oddly enough, both the splash and tutorial screen appear every time the app is launched, which should prove to be quite annoying for most users.

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Looking at the app’s interface, My Atooma is where all your rules get listed, the Wall section is where you can keep a close eye on all the latest and trending Atoomas submitted by other users from around the world, and the Me tab is, of course, your personal Atooma profile, complete with your total Atooma count, downloaded content and published Atoomas. In addition, you can invite new users to Atooma and affiliate some of your social accounts with the app. Content under the Wall tab can be filtered by tags (added while defining rules), and you can preview a rule’s if-do equation before downloading it. Once added, a rule can be accessed, activated and modified further by navigating to the My Atooma tab.

Atooma-Android-Atoomas Atooma-Android-wALL

To create your own Atooma, tap the New Atooma button, select the required parameter – mobile, data, apps, actions or objects – for the ‘if’ part of the equation, associate the desired ‘do’ action with the condition, give your Atooma a title, add appropriate tags, and hit Save. To enable it, just hit its title and tap the check button. Tapping the Publish button at the bottom will make your Atooma publicly available.


Now, just to give you a hint of the tasks that you can automate using Atooma, here are a few examples:

  • Play an audio track of choice when headphones are plugged in
  • Switch to mobile data when disconnected from Wi-Fi (and vice versa)
  • Display a toast notification when a new Tweet is received
  • Specify custom volume level during calls
  • Automatically upload freshly captured photos to Dropbox
  • Activate Text-to-Speech (TTS) to read aloud incoming content when moving (for example, driving) at a certain speed
  • Trigger silent mode when in office
  • Disconnect from the internet once battery drops below a certain level
  • Activate camera if the device is shaken
  • Show notification bar alerts for Facebook friends’ birthdays
  • Use custom text to reply via SMS to a specific (or any) caller
  • Switch to Airplane mode in case of network unavailability
  • Activate Bluetooth at a specific time or or for a specific time interval

Atooma-Android-Sample2 Atooma-Android-tAGS

With a couple of supported segments currently unavailable, you might not be able to use the app to its full potential, but even in its current form, Atooma impresses with its layout, user-friendliness and an expansive pool of possible tricks. It’s not that the app is without glitches, but that is normal for an app in beta. All-in-all, the app is definitely worth a try. If you’re into task automation, but find Tasker too complicated or On{x} a little too inconvenient, you should take Atooma for a spin.

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