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Get Audio Guided Instructions For Taking Selfies With The Rear Camera [Android]

As I write this post, I know I’m helping to further the selfie epidemic that plagues this generation but Smart Selfie is an app that is hard to pass up. It’s an Android app that helps you take a selfie with the rear camera instead of the front one which, on many devices, is a lower resolution than the other one. Smart Selfie asks how many people are in a photo, and what orientation it is being taken in. The app then gives audio instructions to move the device up, left, right, closer, and away until everyone is in the shot and then it takes the selfie.

Launch the app and modify the settings to suit the selfie you’re going to shoot. Each time you take a photo, the app shows you the current settings with options to edit them. Of the settings, the number of people in the photo and the orientation of the device must be correct for the photo you’re taking or the app will not capture it. The Zoom setting is also worth a mention here. It lets you take a close up photo.

Smart Selfie settings Smart Selfie change settings

Under more settings, you will find two additional settings; one for Volume, and the other for Focus mode. The volume setting redirect you to the device’s default sound settings. The Focus mode, however, is something that depends on the device you’re using and whether the camera supports it or not. The Focus modes supported by the app are Infinity, Auto, Macro, Continuous Video, and Continuous Picture.

Smart Selfie more Smart Selfie focus mode

Once you’ve got the app set up, hold the device such that you’re taking a photo with the rear camera and listen for the app’s audio instructions. It will first announce, after correctly finding, the number of people in the photo. You can have up to four people in one picture. The app will then tell you to move the device to the left or right. (Side note: what sounds like the app saying ‘lift’ is actually the app saying ‘left’. Respond accordingly). It will also tell you to move the device up, away, or closer. In the end, the app tells you to ‘Hold’ and locks in on your position. Finally, it asks you to say Cheese (though you really don’t have to unless you want an unflattering leer on your face in the photo) and the picture is taken. It’s saved to the Smart Selfie folder in your gallery and you can share it from within the app. Results are pretty good.

Install Smart Selfie From The Google Play Store

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  1. i think this app is great help for low vision and blind people. It will be easier to take photos.

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