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Automate Switching Between Custom Profiles On Android With TF Profile

Remember those old phones that used to come with multiple built-in profiles? It surely was handy to instantly switch between different profiles under different conditions such as normal, silent, meeting etc. Stock Android, unfortunately, lacks this option since its inception, and the only way to get this functionality on your device would be via installing third-party apps or using custom ROMs like CyanogenMod that have it built-in. Though how about creating different profiles and have them automatically get activated accordingly when needed? XDA-Developers member j2187 has addressed this shortcoming in form of TF Profile – Profile Scheduler that lets you create profiles and automate their switching in a manner similar to Tasker. Details after the jump.

Upon launching TF Profile, you land on a profile selection screen, from where you can manually switch between Car Mode, Home, Music, Outdoor, and Sleep. At the bottom, you will find buttons for navigating to Profile, Condition and Setting section.

At its basic, each profile allows you to disable certain settings when they are no longer required. For instance, when you’re outdoors, you may won’t need WI-Fi, so the app automatically switches it off when you switch to the Outdoors profile. Besides Wi-Fi, you can also toggle other features of your phone for each profile including Bluetooth, GPS, Airplane Mode, Data etc. You can also specify screen timeout state, as well as launch certain apps when a particular profile is triggered.

TF Profile TF Profile_Edit TF Profile_Profile Edit

Editing a profile is not difficult at all; simply tap and hold on the one you want to tweak, and tap Edit from the menu that appears. You can also change the profile’s current image. TF Profile also allows you to set a different wallpaper for each profile, which can be activated from the Settings screen. While the free version requires you to manually switch profiles, the Pro variant of TF Profile lets you create custom profiles and set custom rules for automating the profile switching process.

TF Profile_ TF Profile_Pic TF Profile_Settings

New rules can be set by navigating to the Conditions screen, where you need to specify the Condition name, rule and action. A rule can be anything ranging from a particular date, time, battery level etc., while the action is basically the profile that you would like to activate when the specified condition is met.

TF Profile_Condition TF Profile_Rule TF Profile_Action

Overall, it’s a brilliant app for setting up different settings for different profiles. It works without root access,  but in case you are rooted, you get access to some additional features as well.

Install TF Profile from Play Store (Free)

Install TF Profile Pro Key from Play Store (Paid)

[via XDA-Developers]

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