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Avast Releases Its Own Cloud-Based Mobile Backup Solution For Android

For an Android user, backing up data to the cloud is extremely easy thanks to the umpteen number of apps available for the purpose. Avast Mobile Backup aims to stand out from the lot with a balanced combination of features and, of course, it’s brand name. The app allows you to back up your contacts, call logs and SMS to your Avast account, while photos, videos, audio files and apps can be backed up straight to Google Drive, so that you can restore your selection of files on any device connected to the internet. The app is fairly easy to configure and use, requiring little to no effort from the user.

It should be mentioned here that some of the features Avast Mobile Backup offers are Premium-only and require your device to have root access (mentioned at the end). If you don’t know how to root your phone or tablet and need some guidance, you can always check our compilation of rooting tutorials for a number of Android devices.

Coming back to the app, it sports an easily understandable interface. Upon launch, you’re asked to register for an Avast account, which you can do through your Facebook or email account. Next up, it asks you to link your Google Drive account to the app.

avast! Mobile Backup 1 avast! Mobile Backup 2 avast! Mobile Backup 3

On the proceeding screen, you’re asked to mark the type of items you wish to back up. Afterwards, you can choose to limit backups to times when WiFi is connected and specify maximum file size. Avast gives a little bit of flexibility when it comes to file size, allowing you to pick anything between 2MB to ‘No restriction’. Though, having the option to define a custom file size would have been nice.

avast! Mobile Backup 4 avast! Mobile Backup 5 avast! Mobile Backup 6

Once done with the initial backup wizard, the app takes you to its home screen, which lets you view backup items, backup events, run backup, browse current backup and modify settings.

You can also choose additional triggers for backups. For instance, how often and when you would like for a backup to be made, such as upon incoming or outgoing calls, SMS, app installations or when the device is connected for charging, etc. The app automatically runs backup sessions after specified intervals and notifies you of the time the next backup in line will be triggered. You can perform a manual operation too, of course, by tapping the ‘Run Backup’ option on the home screen.

avast! Mobile Backup 7 avast! Mobile Backup 8

Existing backups can be restored from the ‘Browse Backup’ screen, which then asks you to choose the type of files you need to restore. Avast also lets you schedule backups for automatic runs from the settings screen. The ‘Backup Restrictions’ section on the same screen includes the maximum size, WiFi and roaming restrictions already discussed above.

avast! Mobile Backup 10 avast! Mobile Backup 11

There’s also a Root mode for Premium users that, once enabled, allows you to backup app settings and game progress to Google Drive. Backing up videos and audio files is also limited to Premium users.

The app itself is available for free on the Google Play Store with an in-app premium upgrade worth $1.99 /month or $14.99 /year.

Install Avast Mobile Backup from Play Store

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