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beeZee For Android Allows Schedule Based Auto Replies To Calls & Texts

Staying in touch with your friends, colleagues, clients and loved ones is, no doubt, of ample significance, but there ought to be situations when you’re busy enough to respond to their calls and texts in a timely manner. Surely, in all such cases, nobody fancies keeping their contacts worried about your whereabouts simply because you can aren’t able to get back to them in time, and this is where smartphone messaging apps with integrated automatic responding/replying feature comes into play. We’ve previously reviewed one such simple yet effective app called Can’t Text… that can automatically reply to all the missed calls and text messages on your behalf via context-specific custom SMS messages. New to the market, beeZee is yet another remarkable addition to the list of Android apps belonging to the aforementioned genre that takes said concept even further by letting users post the same automated custom text as their Facebook status updates. Not just that; the app also allows you to activate its scheduled auto-respondent feature in a couple of ways: by specifying an estimated timer or by setting an expiration time for the profile. Moreover, it can automatically enable silent mode on your device as soon as a beeZee profile is enabled, so that you may work, sleep or study uninterrupted while beeZee handles and replies to your contacts’ queries.

All that, coupled with several other handy tweaks and subtle configurations, make beeZee quite a helpful tool to have on your Android, especially if you’re actually ‘busy’ enough to be manually responding to your contacts’ every single attempt at interacting with you in one way or the other. While automated SMS replies ensure letting a particular contact know about your unavailability, automated status updates to Facebook allow your social network friends to see as to why you won’t be able to respond within a specific timeframe.


In order to achieve its purpose effectively, beeZee utilizes a very simple and easy-to-use interface. The app’s homescreen lists various quick SMS replies that you may want to set as your beeZee profile. Just like the aforementioned Can’t Text…. app, beeZee lets you compose a custom text message that will be sent as an automated text reply as a result of a missed call or an unattended SMS under the currently activated beeZee profile. To customize the order in which these status messages should appear on the list, or to delete a particular message from the list, just long press that message, and make your call.


Once a message is selected, you’re taken to the profile’s configuration screen that lets you schedule the profile accordingly. As mentioned earlier, you have a couple of options in this regard. You may either set an estimated activation duration for the chosen profile or specify the exact expiration (clock) time for the profile. Needless to say, under either selected profile, the app will be automatically responding to all the missed calls and/or text messages received during the set expiration time, thereby saving you from the hassle of posting replies manually. The two options at the bottom of this screen help you toggle silent mode, as well as post the custom message as your Facebook status update, upon profile activation. As soon as a profile is enabled, the app displays an icon within the notification area that can be tapped to manually deactivate the profile any time you wish.


Head over to the app’s settings screen and you’re provided with several other helpful features, including the option to automatically reply to contacts listed in your Android’s address book only, append some additional custom text to the automated replies, show expiration time along with automatic replies, and toggle replying to SMS messages, too.

All said features of beeZee have been tested successfully, and according to my personal opinion, lack of a homescreen widget is perhaps the biggest thing that is currently missing from the mix. Incorporation of said feature, along with several other goodies, is a must for beeZee if it is to compete with several other feature-laden heavyweights in the competition.

Note that any message forwarded by beeZee is treated as a regular SMS, and hence will cost you as per the standard SMS charges offered by your mobile network provider.

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