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bitmado For Android Auto-Switches Between Wallpapers From Its Very Own Social Community

Just when you think there are plenty of free wallpaper apps available at the Play Store, along comes another with more to offer. Called a ‘shuffling wallpaper engine’ by its developer, bitmado is a free addition to the genre that delivers a constant supply of new backgrounds so you don’t have to view the same old boring home screen every time you unlock your device. It’s a live wallpaper that automatically cycles through different backgrounds, selecting them from the content and feedback of its Reddit-like community, which lets users upload images of their own, and upvote or downvote those uploaded by other bitmado members. It’s like Muzei, but with social elements replacing extensions.

The best bit about bitmado is that you can follow specific wallpaper categories called Mados, which allows you to limit the kinds wallpaper it sends your way. In addition, you can earn reputation points by uploading images, which in turn let you bump wallpapers you like to the top.

When launched for the first time, you can either begin using the app under Guest mode (in which case, you cannot vote on images, and the wallpaper options also become limited), or sign in via your Facebook or Google+ account. After hopping on to the main screen, the first thing you need to do is set bitmado as your live wallpaper. To do that, tap ‘set live wallpaper now’ and select bitmado from the menu that follows.

bitmado_sign in bitmado_main

When it comes to the wallpaper choices at your disposal, well there are many. The Front Page gives you access to images currently popular among bitmado members sorted under Hot, New, Weekly, Monthly and All Time categories.

Tapping an image allows you to view it in full-screen, upvote, downvote, or bump it. You can also choose to sticky the selected item, which sets it as your only wallpaper, automatically disabling the shuffle feature.

bitmado_set bitmado_Vote

bitmado houses a ton of wallpaper categories including space, abstract, nature, landscape, colors etc., all of which can be browsed from the ‘Explore’ screen accessible from the slide-out navigation menu. Users can follow their favorite categories, which moves them to the Manage Mados screen, from where they can be later removed individually.

bitmado cat bitmado Mados

You can contribute to the community using the ‘Submit Image’ option on the same menu. The Settings screen allows you to set the shuffle frequency and the sorting (Hot, New, etc.) to be used.

bitmado_Menu bitmado_settings

You can download bitmado to your device for free from the link below. Try it out and let us know what you think of the app.

Install bitmado from Play Store


  1. Couldn’t get it to connect to the network, had issues signing in with either Facebook or Google+ account. One menu said I was logged in the other said I wasn’t. Went to log in screen and I was logged in. After 3 hours of frustration uninstalled.

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