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Browse News & RSS Feeds The Simple Way With Minimal Reader For Android

The free version of Minimal Reader, which is available in the Google Play Store as a standalone, customizable widget, offers a convenient way of keeping a close tab on your Google Reader RSS feeds. The Pro (paid) version of the app is as good, simple and user-friendly a news reader as you can get on Android. Besides scrollable & resizable home screen widgets, the paid variant boasts a full-fledged Holo-themed RSS reader, the option to download entire content from your favorite feeds to access it in offline mode, personalize the app’s layout in multiple ways, read favorite articles in a built-in browser, specify custom refresh interval, pre-fetch entire feeds over Wi-Fi and lots more. Minimal Reader Pro costs a dollar in the Google Play Store, but the developer has decided to offer it for free for 10 days. If you’re still in search of a satisfactory news reader for your Android, now would be a good time to give this one a try.

Minimal-Reader-Pro-Android-Home Minimal-Reader-Pro-Android-Browser

Iin order to start using the app, you’re required to associate your Google Reader account with the Minimal Reader app itself. To help you easily distinguish between feeds from different sources, Minimal Reader Pro lets you set a different color for each source. Sources are displayed in separate columns, and each column can be set to show content in four different ways (Large Images, Small Images, Headlines + Content and Just Headlines).

Minimal-Reader-Pro-Android-TestYou can easily circle between various sources by swiping across the screen. From within the Browse tab, you may choose colors for each source and/or select the feeds to download to your device. In terms of the app’s customization, you also get the option to switch between a Dark or White theme, tweak text size & alignment, set a content refresh rate, enable refreshing content over Wi-Fi only and show/hide feed items that have been read.

Minimal-Reader-Pro-Android-Settings1 Minimal-Reader-Pro-Android-Settings2 Minimal-Reader-Pro-Android-Settings3

Talking of home screen widgets, there are six different sizes to select from. Most widgets can be set to display content from select sources only. Furthermore, you have the option to personalize each widget in a variety of ways. For example, you may specify the maximum number of feed items to sync at a time, enable thumbnail previews, modify the widget’s overall layout and tinker with the way in which the items are displayed on it.

Minimal-Reader-Pro-Android-Widget1 Minimal-Reader-Pro-Android-Widget2

If you think Minimal Reader is your kind of an RSS reader, hurry on to the link below to grab the Pro version from the Android Bundle website while it’s still being offered free of charge.

Download Minimal Reader Pro For Android

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