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Calc+: Edit Numbers & Functions Mid Calculation And Add Constants [Android]

Calculators on our smartphones are a disappointment in everything except the design area. I know they get the job done but most work essentially like any old pocket calculator does. If you’ve made a mistake, tapped the wrong number, want to recall your last calculation, or  have entered an incorrect number in your haste, you will have to begin all over again. If I recall my scientific calculator which allowed me to save up to eight results to its memory, I realize how very basic and inadequate these stock apps are. Calc+ Powerful calculator is a calculator app that fills this glaring gap left by most apps; you can edit a number and a mathematical function any time. Long calculations are easy to follow, you can edit any number, clear it from the equation and even set constants that can be used any time.

The app has a very neat design and a very intuitive flow. Switching between the normal keypad and the algorithmic and trig functions takes only a left swipe on the keypad. Your previous calculations aren’t cleared when you switch to it so you can continue to use them in the next calculation.

Calc Calc trig

To edit a number or an operation that you’ve entered, just tap on it on the screen and it is highlighted. The highlighted number or operation is the one you can edit. There are two edit options; the brush will clear the entire equation and the little tab with the cross in it will delete one figure from the highlighted number.

To set up a constant, you have to switch to the trig function and tap one of the plus buttons. Enter a name and a value for the constant and tap Ok. The constant will then appear in place of the plus button you tapped under the name you assigned to it.

Calc edit Calc constants

Last but not least are Calc+’s settings. Swipe right from the edge to bring up the navigation panel and tap Settings. You can enable or disable calculation history, enable haptic feedback, comma separators to indicate thousandth values, select the trig units, and set what decimal position a number is rounded off to.

There are  also the amazing themes Calc+ supports and that you should check out. Open the navigation panel and tap Customize. Select the themes and customize the font, font style number text size, and button text size from the display tab. Not all themes and fonts are free. There is a really great Harry Potter font that looks sorely tempting.

Calc settings Calc themes


The only feature missing in Calc+  is a way to store an answer and retrieve it later. Apart from that, Calc+  is how I imagine calculators on smartphones should work.

Install Calc+ Powerful calculator From The Google Play Store 


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