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Calistic For Android Generates Multiple Graphs & Charts For Call Stats

If you’re not overly amused by the rather simple-looking call logger of your Android, and are looking for a feature-packed alternative, then you should consider trying Calistic! Fresh to the Play Store, Calistic is a neatly-designed call analytics app for Android that keeps a close tab on your phone calls to present you with breakdown of all the logged content via various graphical illustrations. Be it the learning about your most frequently called numbers, total number of calls made/received during a specific time period, breakdown of the duration of these calls, a timeline of calls made to your top 10 contacts, or the analysis of call history by individual contacts, Calistic lets you check them all from under the same roof, and via visually appealing graphs/charts. The app has the capacity to automatically detect all calls made after a specific analysis instance, and hence refreshes its statistical content accordingly. In addition, Calistic also has a touch of social media integration, which means that you can use the app to share your call history with a specific contact to your Facebook Wall. It is free from any sort of configurations whatsoever, and can present you with updated analysis, facts and figures regarding your call logs upon request.

Looking at a couple of previously-reviewed similar call logging apps, such as Smart Analytics and Current Caller ID, we can confidently state that, of all three alternatives, Calistic is the one supporting the most number of features, as well as reporting modes.

Calistic-Android-Overview Calistic-Android-Chart

Wen launched for the first time, the app prompts you to run the call analysis test in order to be able to sneak peek into your call statistics.


The Overview tab is from where you can take a quick look at the breakdown of the total number of incoming, outgoing and missed calls since the last analysis. From the same screen, you can learn about the total call duration, as well as call counter for the current and previous day, week and month. To analyze all the statistics afresh, just hit the Analyze button.


Switching to this particular tab lets you view breakdown of your overall call duration through a pie chart that comprises only the top 10 callers from the list. The complete list of call timings for all callers can be viewed on a list in the bottom half of the screen.



As indicated by it title, the Timeline tab offers a graphical representation of the timeline of all calls that you’ve either made or received from your top 10 callers. Here, you’ll be able to view several color-coded lines, with each line representing a specific caller. Along the vertical axis, you can view the total amount of time spent calling a specific contact, whereas the horizontal axis indicates the date at which the calls were made.


The title of this particular tab can be a bit misleading, since it is not only about catering to the social aspect of the app. Instead, navigating to said tab lists out all your top callers by their respective total call durations. Tapping a caller’s name not only shows the time of the last call made to them, but also displays a detailed breakdown of all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls. To preview detailed call history with that specific user, tap the Details button, whereas to share those stats with your Facebook friends, hit the Share button.

Calistic-Android-Social1 Calistic-Android-Social2

Calistic is available in the Google Play Store as a free (ad-supported), as well as a $1.19 ad-free variant. Besides removing ads, the paid version brings several additional options, including timeline view of all top 10 callers (instead of just the bottom 8), and posting call summaries to Facebook.

Download Calistic! For Android (Free)

Download Calistic For Android (Paid)

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