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How To Set Your WhatsApp Status To Invisible On Android

Let’s face it, I love how WhatsApp shows me who’s actually seen the message I left them and the fact I can tell when they were last online on the world’s most popular free instant messaging service. However, I dread the fact that people can tell the same about me when I have to open the app to read a particular message left for me, and in turn register my ‘Last Seen’ time. This is manageable by turning off the WiFi or mobile data connection before you open WhatsApp, but is annoying if you have to practice this frequently. Moving on, we come to the ‘typing’ status, – an ingenious implementation on all messaging services these days to keep you updated on the other person’s activity during a conversation – that can be really embarrassing when you’re speechless and your contact can see you’re taking ages for typing what ultimately turn out to be one or two lines. You can turn the internet off, again, or you can install WhatsApp Shadow Beta. Be offline while you read your WhatsApp conversations or send messages without your contacts knowing that you’re typing. We’re sure you’re going all “OMG what?! How? Show me!”, so read on for all the details.

The app works on a very simple principle; toggling your active WiFi or data connection on and off. More of an extension, WhatsApp Shadow integrates itself in WhatsApp and does so without any complications or major changes. Simply put, you can shuffle between online and offline mode with the tap of a button, all while staying in the app.


The newly added icon for WhatsApp Shadow will neatly sit in the ribbon at the top. Tap it once to show the red WhatsApp icon, signifying that offline mode is enabled. Tap it once more, and you can now either go online, or refresh the app so that all pending messages, are received and delivered instantly. Once you exit WhatsApp, the internet connection will kick back in, and WhatsApp will run normally.

There are other apps such as WhatsApp Offline Mode and WhatsApp Last Seen Remover available on the Play Store as well that serve the same purpose, but they are paid. WhatsApp Shadow Beta works exactly as advertised, does not mess with your internet settings apart from automatic toggling, and does it all for free!


  • Free without ad support.
  • Integrates well with WhatsApp
  • Internet toggling is pretty quick.
  • Ability to refresh pending messages from within the app.


Graphical glitches – the invisible button stays stuck on the screen even after exit at times.

Download WhatsApp Shadow Beta

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