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Microsoft’s Climatology Educates You On The Climate Of Any Place [Android]

Wherever you go in the world, there is one hugely variable constant, the weather. We’ve reviewed a ton of different weather apps in the past several months, many of which we found fairly fantastic. That being said, most of them have the same essential functionality, that is, to tell users daily, weekly or often hourly forecasts. But as weather apps have become simpler, so too has the data they provide. Climatology is a new weather app from Microsoft, and it’s only available for Android at the moment. Climatology aims to differ itself from the plethora of weather apps by letting users view a different trove of weather information. Instead of ogling at current forecast, it lets you pick any location in the world, such as India, a month, and view average climate information for that location.

Climatology’s interface is not a very groundbreaking one. This initial release of the app is especially quite slow, very counter-intuitive, and might not work on most Android devices. The typography looks crisp though and it carries a built in map which lets you pick your desired location, and the app in turn converts it the right longitude and latitude coordinates.

As mentioned earlier, Climatology’s not your everyday weather app that tells you if it’s going to rain today. Microsoft rather suggests that you might use this app to discover the weather for a place you plan on visiting in the near future, for example. The software giant also cites that it’s released Climatology to help make research information available to a broader audience.

Climatology Climatology2

Supposedly you want to find the average temperature in India in July, which would be 33 degrees Celsius. All you need to do is drag the map and move the center point to the relevant location coordinates. The app gives you information about temperature, average rain reading as well as the average amount of sunshine. Likewise, if you pick London, you will get a similar reading.

All in all, Climatology is a different kind of weather app that offers a great twist on traditional weather forecasts. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store link provide below.

Install Climatology from Play Store

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