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ScanWritr Is A Robust Document Scanner For Android With Annotation Features

Do you often find the need to scan your documents and send the digital copies to others, but don’t want to spend your money buying an actual scanner? Fret not! ScanWritr for Android is here to help by letting you scan any document you wish via your Android device’s built-in camera and providing professional results that would leave you amazed. The app also carries additional features such as the ability to convert documents to PDFs, a powerful edge enhancement feature that enhances scan quality, annotation tools that let you write on and add signatures to documents, and more. Details just after the jump!

Using ScanWritr is fairly straightforward. You can start by taking a photo using the app’s integrated camera interface, or import an existing image from your Gallery. Assuming you’re capturing the photo, you can tap the screen to adjust focus. followed by tapping on the small camera button at the bottom-right to snap the picture.

ScanWritr also lets you enable crop the image to your desired size via the small handles. This makes it sure that only the required portion from the scanned image makes it to the final copy. You can also change paper size (A4 or Letter), as well as rotate the image clockwise or counter-clockwise. Once you’re happy with the selected portion of the image, tap the tick mark to import the document.

ScanWritr ScanWritr_Scan ScanWritr_Crop

ScanWritr then does its own magic enhancing the quality of the document. You can also manually control the brightness of the image file, and alter page color via the integrated color picker tool. The document is then converted and saved as a PDF file. All saved documents are listed on the app’s main screen, from where you can quickly access them and perform additional editing by writing over them. The app allows you to add your signature over your documents, or simply write anything over them using the pen and marker tools.

ScanWritr_Enhance ScanWritr_Color Pickr ScanWritr_Edirt

You can also put a text box into the image and type your desired text. Text blocks and images can be resized anytime you wish using the zoom buttons at the bottom. ScanWritr lets you share or export the scanned document immediately from within the app. By tapping the Share button, you can send the file via email, save it as an image, upload it to social media such as Facebook or Twitter, take a physical print or fax the document using cloud printing, or open it in another PDF or document viewer.

ScanWritr_Signatur Share

To sum it up, ScanWritr is a feature-rich app that can be immensely useful when it comes to scanning images into digital documents and annotating on them.

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  1. is there any Scanning app in which we can move the camera (like panorama) over the document to take more clear shot?

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