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Set Custom Brightness & Screen Timeout For Individual Android Apps With Screen Controls

Android’s appeal lies in its wide array of customization options. The platform gives full flexibility and control to the users by letting them swap out or customize almost everything – ranging from the home screen, app drawer and lock screen to the notification shade or keyboard. Although rooting your device may be the best way to customize it, you can easily customize quite a few aspects of the OS simply by installing certain Android apps from the Google Play Store. One such app that I found to be extremely handy is Screen Controls, which allows you to set a custom brightness level and screen timeout for each app installed on your device. The app is reminiscent of IntelliScreen, though the latter only allowed customizing per-app screen timeout. Screen Controls’ adds selective brightness control to the mix, which can prove to be extremely useful for dimming out certain apps that have particularly bright UIs. Details after the jump.

While most users might not find the need for per-app brightness and timeout control, there are always those in the Android user-base who wish to go the extra mile. The main screen of Screen Controls carries three tabs; All Apps, Favorites and Running apps – all of which are pretty much self-explanatory. If you’re looking for a particular app, simply enter its name into the search field below the line of tabs.

Screen Controls Search

Selecting the required app from the list takes you to another screen where you can specify your preferred values for Screen Timeout and Screen Brightness by dragging the slider below either parameter. Simply mark the Custom checkmark under Screen Timeout to set a value of your choice. For Screen Brightness, you can either specify a static value or set it to auto in case you don’t already have auto-brightness enabled within Android system display settings.

If you ever feel like reverting your changes, simply hop onto the Settings screen and specify one universal brightness level and timeout for all apps. The global settings screen is roughly the same as the one for individual apps.

Settings All Apps Settings Firefox

Screen Controls has both Free (ad-supported) and Pro (ad-free) versions available on the Play Store. Links to both are provided below.

Install Screen Controls Free from Play Store (Free)

Install Screen Controls Pro from Play Store (Paid)

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