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A Sneak Peek On Different Social Bookmarking Services

Blogging is fun, no doubt. But besides from writing blog posts {or entries} one has to promote his site if he wants to be a popular blogger. Traffic for blogs come usually from three ways.

The first and most emphasized one is ‘Organic’ source. Organic means natural, it is natural in a way that people come to your site by typing in keywords in the search engines like Google, yahoo, ask.

The second one is Direct traffic and it will come in significant amount only if you have made your brand name or have got popular already otherwise it will take some time to get steady stream from direct traffic.

The last and most easy method for traffic generation is social media which is also the topic of this post. There are tens and hundreds of social bookmarking sites from where one can get the readers for his blog. Newly created blogs can get much popular with the help of social media. Popular social bookmarking sites include Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious etc. Those who have control on these sites can drive traffic to their blogs/sites or their friends blogs/sites whenever they want.

Frankly speaking, I am also getting more than half of my traffic only from a single bookmarking site, that is StumbleUpon.



Far now, it is my favorite service because I am getting major portion of my traffic from it. At first in September 2007 when I signed up for this awesome service, I knew nothing about how StumbleUpon works but as the time passed, I became familiar with its mechanism. I came across some good friends also via this network. Their recommendation engine relies on users reviews and thumbs up and depends on user profile as well. For example, if your article gets reviewed and is discovered by several power stumblers, then it can get tens of thousands of pageviews compared to same amount of thumbs up and reviews from smaller stumblers will give you only some hundreds pageviews. In my case, I have noticed that with my one thumbs up and a review, I can drive 300-400 pageviews to a specific web page. Impressive isn’t it?

Pros: Great community of stumblers, shows sites according to your preferences.

Cons: You have to install another extra toolbar for rating sites which you like and dislike.



The big boss of social networking is what we call Digg. The concept of Digg lies around a graveyard. When you like an article or blog post, you can Digg it and become the first digger of the post, later on, share this with more and more people and chances are that it will get Dugg by several other Diggers. By getting significant amount of Diggs, the article reach to the FrontPage, from where one can get Digg-effect which results in generating instant traffic.

Pros: Instant traffic-boom and a needle in your stats

Cons: Digg-Mafia, Might kill server



Reddit is another social bookmarking site in the line. Voting button is based on CSS mainly and thus takes less loading time than Digg. At first when you open the site, it looks minimal and simple. But behind all this, there is a powerful community of users and with support of them one can bring thousands of readers to his blog.

Pros: You can create your own Reddit page!

Cons: Splashy Reddit Ads in the bottom of sidebar. However, not to worry if you are Ad-Blind



Probably the oldest social bookmarking site and was among the first to do Domain Hack but now they have moved to Delicious.com. It is acquired by Yahoo on 2005. Delicious is the site with true essence of bookmarking. You do only bookmarking there, nothing less and nothing more. Your bookmarks are classified with the help of tags. Recently, they have rolled out their new design with some changes and have added extra options. See the detailed list of changes here.

Pros: Eye catchy and simple design, bookmarks Import/Export facility

Cons: Not that much social-oriented, inclined to bookmarking only



Last but not the least, Technorati is more of a blog search engine than social bookmarking site. But it is also a good way of promoting your blog across the blogosphere. Most bloggers weight the credibility of blog with Technorati’s authorities. An authority is a link back a blog gets when another blog links to it. Blogs with highest number of authorities are compiled in a Top 100 List.

Pros: ‘Add to favorites’ blogs of your choice and get informed whenever they post something

Cons: Less social interactivity

If you are using the above mentioned services already, don’t forget to add me there. My profiles links are given above 🙂

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  • stumbleupon is definitely my favorite. ironically enough, thats how i found this site.

  • The article was really interesting, till now I haven’t used redit. Now I have an idea about it.

  • Butler almost pulled off a miracle win, Rick. Very enjoyable game. And, both teams should be proud of their efforts.

  • I agree with the comment above, Stumbleupon is my favorite of these, although Technorati is gaining some popularity.