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AddictiveTips Has A Brand New Re-Design

If you are one of those people who read my blog frequently, you would have noticed the new re-design for the last 12 hours. This is the design I was working on for the past 3 weeks. This new redesign is rebuild around Thematic Theme framework 0.9.5. Thanks to Crisiti for understanding what I really wanted and doing an awesome custom work.

For those who want to get their blogs re-designed, I would highly recommend going over to Cozmos Labs and contacting Crisiti. He is one heck of a great guy to work with!

So, What Has Changed…

The whole concept behind the redesign was to increase the branding and improve the overall navigation. As you can see on the main page, next to every post there is a logo that will tell you which category a specific post belongs to. Apart from it, there are 3 featured post on top, these posts are those that I would highly recommend to my readers.

If you click on any Category, such as Windows, you will find links of every post that we have covered before. There are 100 post links per page, you will have to click ‘Older Posts’ on the bottom to get 100 more post links, and so on. Adding links instead of excerpts gives a clutter-free look and makes navigation much more easier.

latest redesign addictivetips

Although this redesign looks great, I am still working with Cristi to make some small changes internally. Now what do you think about this re-design? Do you love it, hate it, covet it, or want to marry it(ok this is a joke)? Pease let me know in the comments. Enjoy!

Update: We are gearing up for Windows 7 tips too and you will see lots of Windows 7 tips this summer! 🙂

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  • Looks great. Clean design is a go-go.

  • This is looking good and clean.
    I don’t know how the previous site looked. But this surely is clean and professional.