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Moderate WordPress Blog Comments From Desktop

Webmasters who use WordPress on the backend to run their blog often have to face a daunting task: Moderating Comments. With millions of self-hosted WordPress blogs and billions of spam messages that are posted as comments, a need arises to make it easier to moderate the comments without having to refresh the dashboard every few minutes.

WP Comments Notifier is an opensource app which, unlike the name says, is both a desktop notifier and a place to moderate the comments. You can approve a comment, mark as spam, delete, edit, and reply all from within the nifty little tool that resides in the system tray.

Wordpress Desktop Comments

It will also alert you whenever a new comment is posted, which by default is checked for after every 5 minutes.

There are three tabs on top, each representing the total comments, comments pending approval, and spam comments. Click each comment to bring up it’s moderate options.

Delete WordPress comment

You can edit a comment and leave a reply without having to visit the website. Astonishingly it is very stable app that never crashed during my testing.

Edit Comment WordPress

It can be set to run with Windows startup. If you want an easy-to-use yet powerful app to keep tab on all comments made on your blog, this is a must-have app for all WordPress webmasters out there.

Download WP Comments Notifier

It is developed on C++ and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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