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Here’s A Simple, Powerful Cloud Storage Solution

Nowadays, the average person has amassed large amounts of photos from favorite events, home videos, music and movie libraries, and many other forms of data. The problem? Not enough space to store it all. One great solution? Zoolz Dual Cloud Storage.

Physical storage can be lost easily and cloud storage can be costly, often coming with monthly fees. Zoolz, on the other hand, provides 1TB of cloud storage for a one-time fee, and allows you to retain it for life. Even better, your data is stored with military-grade 256-AES data encryption. Zoolz gives you 500GB of Instant storage, that is immediately available to you, and another 500GB of cold storage, that you can recover in about 3-5 hours. It’s easy to use and accessible from your phone, tablet or desktop, so you can stop worrying about running out of room on your laptop or phone.

Increase your data storage capacity instantly today with Zoolz Dual Cloud 1TB Storage, available now for $29.99.


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