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Access Backward And Forward History From Dropdown Menu In Firefox 4

Accessing your browsing history from the Back and Forward button isn’t as convenient as it should be. Most users who want to get to the previous visited pages have to click the back or forward button once or several times until they find the right page. Backward Forward History Dropdown is a Firefox extension that adds a single button to list your visited pages and makes it easy to switch between them. It combines the Forward and Back button and makes the list of pages accessible on a single click with arrows highlighting which direction you’re browsing in.

If you remember correctly, this feature was available in previous versions of Firefox. For some reason Mozilla decided to remove it from Firefox 4. This extension simply brings back the most-liked feature.

The extension replicates the functions of the Forward and Back button but combines it to make it  easier to reach a list of pages you just visited or came from. For users who are in the habit of clicking these buttons several times until they find the right page, this extension should give them a collective history of pages from their current session and let them choose the right page. It will save time that users spend while waiting for pages to reload and take them directly to the right page.

Install Backward Forward History Dropdown For Firefox

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  1. This functionality is still in tact in FF4. Just right click on the back and forward buttons 🙂

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