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Access DropBox Files From Chrome Toolbar

Drop Box extension

Dropbox extension for Google Chrome allows access and management of files and folders from your Dropbox account within the Chrome toolbar. With this extension you can browse, download files from your account and view recent events (uploads, downloads, and file modifications).

Just click on the Dropbox icon next to the explorer bar to open a pop up menu to manage your files and folders. To view recent events, click on the Recent Events tab. Clicking on the View in Standard (link) displays files and recent events in standard Dropbox view format. This will display your recent activities. To maintain security, this extension establishes a direct connection with Dropbox instead of running through any hidden proxies and therefore is equal to the security provided by the Dropbox website. Although right-clicking on the Dropbox icons shows an options section, however, the developer has placed a message in this menu that it is still under development and more elaborate options will be provided soon.

Dropbox Extension for Chrome

Update: This extension has been discontinued and is no longer available in the Chrome Web Store.

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