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Add Keyboard Shortcuts In Firefox To Browse And Navigate Without A Mouse

Ever wanted to use custom shortcuts on Firefox to browse the web with keyboard? My keyboard Navigator is a Firefox extension that allows users to customize keyboard shortcuts easily. With this extension you can add, remove and modify shortcuts for the Firefox browser, extensions and the websites you visit.

To access the user interface for this extension, simply go to the My Keyboard Navigator option from the Tools drop down menu. From here you can modify default existing options and replace them with your preferred keys. Moreover, you can also add a new shortcut and remove existing ones within a simplified user interface. After making your desired changes, click Update for them to take effect.

My Keyboard Navigator

In order to see a list of automatic shortcuts to links on websites, press Shift key. This will display all the shortcuts that you can use on a specific webpage. The goal of this extension, as the developer puts it, is to “go mouseless”.


My Keyboard Navigator is a useful extension for customizing shortcut keys for your Firefox browser. However, it must be noted that keeping very simplified shortcuts might lead to problems while browsing. For example, if you keep the z key for restarting the browser, then you might end up restarting it unwantedly too often when you hit the specified key. This extension works with Firefox 4.0b1 – 4.0b9pre.

Install My Keyboard Navigator Extension for Mozilla Firefox

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