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An Online Backup System To Manage Yourself? Use Opera

Since the latest 10.10 alpha/beta releases (an unofficial release candidate is already there), Opera’s desktop browser supports integrated applications/services that make the browser into a personal music player, a media streaming server, online web-RSS reader, scratch pad, proxy server or whatever you want, anywhere. Basically your web browser is now a web server. The great potential this has is shown by the latest Opera Unite application of the week: Document Sync.

This little gimmick allows one to do exactly what online backup services like Mozy or Dropbox do: synchronize a local folder with a server in order to automatically backup whatever you add or update. Only this time, you’ll get to manage the backup server yourself, including the maximum storage size. All you need to do is have your ‘server’ computer online, running Opera with the Document Courier application. Below you can see that all you have to configure is the backup folder, the folder size and a password.┬áDocument Courier already enables you to upload documents to the backup folder via the Opera Unite web interface.



Then use Opera with Unite on your other computers with the Document Sync application and set it to synchronize a local folder with the server, optionally automatically at a 5 minute interval.


And there you have it, a backup server you manage yourself in a couple of steps. And while you’re at it, it’s a great opportunity to explore Opera’s browsing, RSS, mail, widget, bookmark&notes sync features if you’re not already familiar with them.

Tip: in order to backup multiple folders on your local PC, try using symbolic links as we discussed earlier for Dropbox users.

Download latest Opera Unite builds

Download Opera Document Courier application (for server)

Download Opera Document Sync application (for client)

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