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Auto Download From MegaUpload Without Time Limit

File Hosting providers such as MegaUpload and Rapidshare have time limits for non-premium users which is pretty much annoying. You have to wait for 30 seconds to 50 seconds sometimes before you can actually start downloading a file.

MUBundle is a free add-on for Firefox that removes the time limit from MegaUpload by auto skipping it. Apart from skipping the time limit it also downloads the file automatically by clicking the Download button for you.

First install this add-on and visit MegaUpload link to download any file. You will be shown Capacha, which you will have to enter in order to complete the process, then it will automatically skip the time limit and download the file for you automatically without any further action from the user. 🙂

megaupload skip time limit

It has been tested by multiple users and works great on my side too. This add-on has been marked as experimental which means that you will have to register before you are able to install it. Registration is free and only take a few seconds. Enjoy!

Update: MUBundle is no longer available in the Firefox Add-ons page. For similar alternative, try DownloadHelper extension.


  1. DAN thanks…!!!
    java script in bar navegator..ok

    javascript: void( count = 1); // For MegaUpload
    javascript: void( c = 1); // for RapidShare

    100% perfect.

    LULA LA VIVA UMA ESTRELA >..HAHAHA…Valeu companheiros…

  2. Rapidshare auto downloader as of june 2009 does not seem to auto click any of the buttons to auto download lol. guess this is either a problem on my end with my 3 OS’s. xp, vista & win 7. so it must be something they fixed. to stop the 1000’s of people swarming their server. without having to be at there computer.
    Oh well. they had shitty server upload speeds anyway. Long Live Megaupload. LMAO

  3. this neat trick does not work for rapidshare anymore, it appeared to work for rs half a year before. dunno about megaupload thou

  4. You can accomplish this with a little bit of javascript.

    In your address bar type:

    javascript: void( count = 1); // For MegaUpload
    javascript: void( c = 1); // for RapidShare

    • Just another thing, if you are using firefox you can make the command a bookmark, this way you will not have to re-type it all again.

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