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BrandMyMail: Integrate Social Network Content In Gmail [Chrome]

BrandMyMail, a Chrome extension, allows you to customize your Gmail email messages by integrating content from various social networking accounts. The extension can be useful for users who want to centralize their email with social media content. BrandMyMail offers users with extensive social media integration options. Content ranges from simple signatures to real-time content, such as, Twitter Feeds, Facebook posts, photos, WordPress blogs, YouTube videos, Google+ updates, Quora questions and more. To start off, simply connect BrandMyMail with Gmail, create templates, customize them with various types of social content and start sending beautiful emails. You will have to sign up for a free account with BrandMyMail, the service that the extension works with.

BrandMyMail offers users with a number of options to customize templates and layouts. You will find three basic options on the right hand side of the page, Plugins, Design and Layout. The plugin category has a collection of 20 plugins, ranging from Signature, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Picasa, Text to Quora, and so on. Simple drag & drop these plugins to create and customize your template.


You can then click these plug-ins and customize them however you want. Each plugin has its own set of options. Select these according to your preferences and click Save, once done.


BrandMyMail allows users to select different designs, which come with different background colors. You can also leave the background blank, select a Design and customize it. The customize option allows you to change the Text Color and Font. Next, the Layout tab displays three basic layouts, select one and you’re good to go.

customize design

Simply add recipients, type a subject and a message. Once done, select a template from the drop down menu. All the templates you create are added to this drop-down menu. By default, the first template you create is named Personal. You can also easily customize templates and rename them by clicking the Edit option. Moreover, click the Preview button to see how the message looks, before you send it out.

template & preview

BrandMyMail will then automatically format your message accordingly, inject your signature and dynamic contents from your social media accounts.


BrandMyMail currently supports only Gmail. Also note, if you have Gmail open in other tabs, you must reload it for BrandMyMail to work. BrandMyMail extension is available for both, Firefox and Chrome. Install the extension from the links below and start sending rich and elegant emails.

Install BrandMyMail For Chrome

Install BrandMyMail For Firefox

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