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cl1p: Share & Access Saved Text From Any PC With Custom URL [Web]

There are times when we need to save or share large pieces of text online, and we usually do this either by emailing the text as an attachment, or saving it to a storage device. cl1p, a user friendly web application, works better than the traditional methods. It works by letting you share and save text online with only a few clicks. It instantly creates a temporary text area with a custom URL, where you can paste text and then access it from any other PC by using the custom URL. To start off, simply go to Cl1p, create a unique URL, paste text, share or save the URL, and that’s how simple it is. Furthermore, the service lets you edit the text from any PC, at any time. Cl1p is free and requires no registration whatsoever.

All you need to do is enter your custom URL and hit Go. As you do this, a text area will be generated, where you can paste text, click Save, copy the URL and share with others.




The URL remains the same throughout the entire process, and for interface, you will find four basic button in the text area, View, Edit, Save and Publish, all pretty self-explanatory.

cl1p URL

cl1p is an online clipboard that lets you save information on one computer and access it on another without having to email or copy it to a storage device. It is easy-to-use, and can be specially handy when you’re short on time.

Visit cl1p

Update: The web application seems to have been discontinued.

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