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Clueless For Movie Night? Get Random Movie Suggestions Based On Genre

The life of a movie junkie can get depressing after the list of best movies to watch is exhausted. On average, if you watch one movie every week, you might run out of good ones to watch sooner than you know. It’s not that there aren’t enough movies being made, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard to think of which one to watch and browsing movie titles and descriptions online isn’t always helpful. What Movie Should I Watch Tonight is a web service that helps you find something to watch on movie night. It shows you random trailers for movies and provides a brief description of each, you can search for movies from different genres and keep clicking until you find something that you like.

What Movie Should I Watch Tonight

The site has nine different categories to choose from; Blazing guns, Classics, Criminal, Dramatics, Explosions, Hilarity, Nerds, Real and Scary Shit (needless to say, the categories are self descriptive). To choose a category, mouse over the left panel and click the little dropdown arrow. When you mouse over the thumbnail of a movie, it tells you the name, year of release, director’s name and lead actor(s). To get another movie suggestion in the same category, click on the trailer and a new movie trailer will load.

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