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Co-Create, Save And Assign Projects Online With Gravity

Ever wanted help when writing a story, making a presentation, editing articles and hiring someone miles away for the development of a project? Now you can make simple and agile projects on the go and invite people to work with you on your project by using Gravity web app. You can now can create, save and assign projects, which makes it easy to allows collaboration between developers, to hire someone miles away and to monitor the progress of a venture in real time while it is functional.

You do not require a Gravity account in order to login to this application. In case you don’t have a Gravity account you can login with your Google, Yahoo or Open ID account and start working immediately. You can add new projects and edit them whenever you like.

When making a project you can choose to make it private or publicly visible. You can also invite other people to join you in your development efforts by sending an invitation and granting access to specific users.

Project options

The release date, progress and history of your projects can be checked from the dashboard. To invite other people to join, simply go to the project tab and click on the Participants button. Here you will be given the option to invite more people to a specific project.

Gravity currently allows 3 projects to be made free and the developers have declared that they will also be providing paid subscriptions soon. Gravity is a useful application for small business and individuals to create, edit and co-work on small text based projects and to work on them using the cloud. Though I must admit that the options available in this application are a bit limited. If the developers actually wish to see their paid subscriptions become successful, then they will have to enhance the project creation tools to accommodate right media content and graphics for more technically advanced professionals.

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