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Control The Loading Of Tabs After Firefox 4 Restart With Absolute Load Control

What happens when you have 20 open tabs in Firefox browser and due to some memory related issues, it suddenly crashes? Firefox presents two options Restore or Start a new session. We all know that Firefox is capable of recovering all the tabs back, but if you reload 20 odd tabs again simultaneously, chances are high that Firefox would crash again. Since it is near impossible to manually stop every tab (when you have hundreds of them), you can instead try Absolute Load Control, which can handle tab stop and reload processes with a single click. It is a small Firefox 4 extension which adds a handful of tab stop and reload controls in right-click context menu. Tab stop controls will come useful when you want to stop loading of all opened tabs, all other tabs but current tab, and to stop all those tabs which got stuck in loading process. Similarly, the reload tab controls can reload all broken tabs, all other tabs but currently opened tab, and all stopped tabs which are loaded completely. Absolute Load Control also lets you reload tab from memory and reload bypassing tab cache through simple hotkey combinations – Shift + left mouse click and Control + left mouse click, respectively.

After the extension is installed, you can access tab load controls from by right-clicking refresh/stop button (present next to address bar). Under stop and reload, there are 3 buttons given to perform respective operations over tabs. If you want to stop all opened tabs which are being loaded, just click all tabs and it will immediately stop the loading process.

tab control 2

Similarly, you an reload all the broken tabs, i.e, those tabs which froze while loading, by clicking broken tabs from reload section. Apart from some interface specific glitches, the extension works as intended. It works on Firefox 4.0b1 – 4.0.*

Install Absolute Load Control extension for Firefox

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