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Control YouTube From Chrome Toolbar And Play Videos In Loop

YouTube Control

YouTube Controls is a Google Chrome extension that adds a button on the toolbar to control YouTube video. With the auto-play option of this extension, videos can be played in loop, which may be useful for people willing to listen to a song repeatedly without having to manually play it again. Moreover, the functionality to stop, resume or playback a video from the Toolbar also provides the convenience of not having to go to the original window/tab.

After installation, this extension automatically displays a button to start and stop videos from YouTube. To use the auto-play functionality, right-click on the YouTube Controls icon and select options. From here, you can enable or disable this function by checking (or un-checking) the relevant check-box.

Play Button

This extension currently works for standard YouTube pages and the developer has assured to add control for profile pages in the near future.

YouTube Controls Extension for Chrome

Update: This extension has been discontinued, for alternative, check out YouTube Volume Controller.

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