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Create Color Schemes For Websites using ColorSpire

Before you can get any website design off the ground, the first thing you need to decide is the color scheme. Whether you’re designing a page yourself or having someone do it for you, the colors are something that will take a lot of time. Colorspire is a web app that makes it easier to play around with colors; it lets you try different combinations in a simple interface by giving you simple blog type layout for a page. The page is divided in to five sections (including background); the color for each section can be changed. The hex code for the colors you select are given so you can share them with your designer or use them yourself.


To change colors of a section, select the corresponding color tile from the top. Use the color palette to choose a color and the color wheel to find a corresponding shade in a different color. To put it simply, the wheel helps you find the same shade in other colors. Choose a color like you were working with an ordinary color palette, use the saturate or desaturate button to change the hue or drag your mouse on the palette going from the white to black region. Once you’ve gotten the colors right, save the hex codes and use them in your design.

The app is a great way for playing with color schemes, the only downside is that it doesn’t have an option to select a color for text. Other than that, even if you aren’t planning on designing a website soon, it’s still loads of fun to play with.

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