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Create High Quality Interactive Charts, Timeline, And Maps Online

Remember the days when it was impossible to embed high quality charts, maps, and diagrams on a website or blog. Well those days are over, with the advent of internet technology, more and more online services are popping up that allow you to create interactive charts for free. We have covered some here, here, and here.

One online service that has recently grabbed my attention is Chartle. It not only lets you create simple and interactive charts, but can also make bars, diagrams, and maps without any fuss, and is far the most easy-to-use service in this category.

Just visit the website and click Create, it will open Chartle web app in a new window. Now click the appropriate tab to begin creating a chart.

creating interactive charts

The preview pane on the right side is updated in real time when a data is entered. Below is the Pie Chart in 3D that I made using this tool. Try moving the mouse over it to see the effects.

Report problems to embedding@chartle.net

One feature that makes this tool stand out from the rest is that you can create both static and interactive maps using this tool. Below I have embedded two different sample maps, one showing the popularity and the other showing an embedded Google map with both work and university locations.

Sample Popularity Interactive Map

Move your mouse over the countries.

Report problems to embedding@chartle.net

Sample Google Location Map

Move around the area, zoom in/out, play with it just like you do with Google Maps.

Report problems to embedding@chartle.net

With it’s robust interface you can also create dynamic timeline and motion charts. Check the interactive motion chart embedded below.

Report problems to embedding@chartle.net

Overall, it is a simple but powerful tool for creating any type of charts, bars, diagrams, and maps online. This service is still in early beta and according to the developer a lot of new and interesting features are under development, such as, import of large data sets (Excel, OpenOffice, CVS), more business friendlier, social network compatibility, and much more. Enjoy!

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