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Crunch.fm – Stream Audio From Songs On YouTube & Share On Twitter

There are multiple ways of sharing music on Twitter; popular music streaming services allows you to tweet what you’re listening and a vast majority of Twitter users share music via YouTube. If you’ve ever just wanted to share a song from YouTube but not the video, you can use Crunch.fm. It’s a free web service that searches for songs from YouTube, extracts and plays the audio only and lets you share it on Twitter. The service lets you search by either the artist name or the song. The artist search will turn up any random song by the artist.

Sign in using your Twitter account and start searching for music. The service picks out one good match for whatever you search for; it can be either an artist, a song or both. The service doesn’t give you a list of search results to choose from and if it fails to turn up the right  song, you will need to modify what you searched for. For example; if you search for Lithium, the service will search & play Lithium by Evanescence, however, if you were looking for the one by Nirvana, you’ll have to search Lithium Nirvana for the service to find and play the right track. It filters out non-music videos so that even if you search for them, they will not play. Non-music are ones with cute babies or Photoshop tutorials.


You can pause and play a song and share it on Twitter by clicking Post & Update button. All songs shared using Crunch.fm are tweeted with the #nowplaying tag. You are not prompted to start following the service.

crunch.fm share

Anyone who clicks on the link will be taken to the site; they don’t necessarily have to sign up for an account to listen to the track you’ve shared.

VIsit Crunch.fm

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