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Download Google Earth 5.1: Get Faster Earth Exploration

Google has announced Google Earth 5.1. The latest version is promised to be more fast. Google recognises the slow speed of Google Earth and in their official announcements Google only focuses on the speed issue.

In the last release of Google Earth, a pack of different and innovative features were introduced; for example, historical imagery from around the globe, explored ocean floor and introduced simplified touring with audio and voice recording, Moon and Mars exploration and many more features.

“we’ve realized that one of the most important features of all is speed. One of our key design principles is “fast is better than slow.” So for the newest version of Google Earth, we’ve been hard at work making it faster” says Google.

Lots of adjustments have been announced to make Google Earth fast; for example, better utilisation of memory, smoother experience and using compression technologies so that less memory and graphic resources are used. The start-up time has been improved by 25%. The Google Earth API calls have also been made significantly faster.Another exciting change is that browser plug-in is automatically installed when you install Google Earth( PC-only for now.) which means you can explore exciting Google Earth sites without any other installation.
Download the latest version of Google Earth at http://earth.google.com for a faster and smoother experience.

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