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Enable Firefox Tab Preview And Navigation With Tab Scope Extension

Tab Scope adds tab functionality in Firefox and puts Mozilla team to shame. It is something I have always been looking forward too. What it does is simple, showing preview of tabs. But not only simple previews, rather it shows real-time dynamic previews.

Suppose you load a website in a new tab, you can watch the loading in the preview. Just move your mouse pointer over the tab, and the preview will be shown instantly. When the page has completely loaded, you can click the preview to open it. If you are a multi-tasker like me who has around 12 tabs open at one time, then this will really come handy. You won’t need to check if the website has loaded in the new tab or not, the preview will show everything.

firefox tab preview

But this is not what makes it my default extension. When I learned the fact that you can also scroll the whole page from the preview, I knew this is exactly what I was looking for. Apart from scrolling, you can also refresh the page, navigate(go back/forward and stop it from loading), and zoom inside the page, using the preview tab controls.

Hey Mozilla, learn from these guys!

Tab Scope Add-on For Firefox

Note that it works on all operating systems except Mac OS X. It doesn’t work normally in Mac according to the developer. Enjoy!

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