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Explore Google Maps With Custom Colors Using Google Maps Colorizr

Google Maps Colorizr is a web app that lets you conveniently convert your HEX RGB colors to the HSL colors used by Google Maps. Using this neat web app, you can render color-customized Google Maps highlighting your areas of interest in different color schemes. The app has a Feature option with a drop down menu which consists of multiple regions and landscapes. For each feature, you can enter a different HEX color code that will render that particular feature in the color of your choice.

Google Maps Colorizr has three main parts; a customization menu to the left, a map in the center, and a code to the right. The interface is easy-to-understand and allows customization of the colors of the map, enabling selection of new HEX colors for different regions.

Full Map

You can zoom in using the scroll button or use the on-screen slider. The features’ custom colors expand as you zoom in, allowing detailed views.

Zoomed In 1

In terms of this app, Features are map elements like water, schools, roads etc. The left sidebar allows you to pick a feature and add a custom color to it, letting you set that element apart from others. You  can select multiple features from the drop-down menu, and add more by hitting the plus (+) sign. Element allows you to view the features as geometry or labels. When set to geometry, you can see the colors of each feature, and when set to labels option, you will only be able to see colored labels. Visibility, when on, allows you to see all colors added to the map. Finally, the Color options lets you enter any color value in hexadecimal.


The code on the right-side of the app gets updated as you make customization. You can embed this code and use it wherever you like, allowing your audience to view the map exactly as you intended to.


This app conveniently allows you to locate and identify specific areas without need for a dedicated maps application. The link to Google Maps Colorizr is dynamic and your customized version of the map can easily be shared with anyone.

Install Google Maps Colorizr

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