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Firefox 5 Portable – Now Take Your Favorite Browser Anywhere

How loyal are you to your browser? Does it bother you if you have to use any other browser or an old version of your favorite browser when you’re working on someone else’s system? For the Firefox fan, there is a simple solution; Firefox 5 portable. Install it in a USB (it can extract to any selected destination) and you will never miss your browser again.

Download the EXE file and install it wherever you want; it can be extracted to a USB or any other external hard drive. You can also upload it to Dropbox to access it from anywhere. The browser works just like the desktop version; you can install extensions, add themes and set up sync. A portable version is ideal if you find it difficult to work on any other browser, you frequently find yourself working on different systems or because you favor this browser for its wide range of extensions and no other browser can really match your needs with its features.


Firefox 5 portable is an unofficial release from the famous folks at Portable Apps.

Download Firefox 5 Portable


  1. I hope 5 doesn’t suck as bad as 4. I have switched to 4 and back to 3 a few times, but just can’t stand the instability of 4.

    • What is so ‘sucky’ about Firefox 4…? I haven’t noticed anything about instability, perhaps it’s your addons which are still only half-compatible… but I haven’t had a crash or anything since I started using Firefox 4 – and that’s a while ago now.

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