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FireWebSSO – Password Manager & Form Filler Add-on For Firefox

When it comes to Firefox Password Manager and secure form filler, LastPass stands out from the rest. It is the default add-on for almost everyone now. It saves the headache of having to carry passwords and allows us to securely sign-in. Today, I came across a newly developed add-on which is similar to LastPass, called FireWebSSO.

Most functionalities in LastPass are also present in this add-on, better yet it has some additional features which are hard to find elsewhere. It can import login/passwords from the build-in password manager in Firefox, store bookmarks securely, and one feature I like specially is, as put by one of the reviewers, “…it can circumvent the poor design of some sites authentication scheme”.

FireWebSSO Configuration

Screenshot above is taken from developer’s site

If you are looking for an alternative to LastPass, then you can give this add-on a try. There are tons of features which I haven’t discussed here, you can read the complete list on the add-on page. The developer likes to call it a Single Sing-On(SSO) addon.

FireWebSSO Add-on For Firefox


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