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Get Attachment Icons In Gmail Based On File Type [Chrome]

Wouldn’t it be great if you could view the type of attachment an email has? Attachment Icons For Gmail, a Chrome extension, improves the way you search emails by giving you a much better view in general of what’s coming in with your emails. With it, you can easily know what kind of attachment an email has. The extension adds specific icons for each file type, instead of the generic paperclip. The type of icon that is added simply depends on the kind of attachment an email consists of. The icon is added right next to the date in each email, as well as the mail headers, and in case an email consists of multiple attachments, then the icon of the last attached file is used.

Normally, you would be able to view the paper clip icons right next to the date. While these paper clip icons do indicate that an email contains an attachment, wouldn’t it be better if you could view the type of attachment? This handy extension adds meaningful icons next to messages with attachments, that help users figure out the type of files in an email.


Attachment Icons For Gmail simply adds different icons for different email attachments. After you’ve installed the extension you will be able to view an image icon for emails with image attachments, a PDF icon for emails with PDFs, a music icon for emails with .mp3 files and so on.

attachment icons

Attachment Icons For Gmail is recommended for all regular users of Gmail. With it, you no longer have to scroll down lengthy emails to find out what type of attachment an email has. The extension seamlessly integrates with Gmail and enhances your Gmail browsing experience.

Install Attachment Icons For Gmail For Google Chrome


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